The year 9 curriculum enables you to have a flavor of the main components of the Computing curriculum whilst still accessing and using ICT.

The year starts with you getting used to sequencing of tasks to attain an end goal and to do this we will be using Lightbot see the programming page for more information and the required link.

We then move onto Computational Thinking & writing Algorithms – big words for simple processes, we will look at Pizzas and a game where you guess the number chosen by the computer in as few guesses as possible. You will write the algorithm and learn how to flow chart. All of the resources are under this link:

Algorithmic Design Resources

Once we have designed the program we will move onto programming the Guessing Game using Scratch. We will step you through the processes required for creating the game and you will then create the game in Scratch.

Scratch Page


Once we have completed and assessed the Scratch programming you will have a go at text based programming using Python.